Etiquette for Impact.

Millionaire Mannerisms

A Collection for Gentlemen

faviconYou can only control two things in life; your attitude and your actions.

faviconTrue happiness always starts from within, then flows out.

faviconSeeing the world through someone else’s eyes is the best use of imagination there is.

faviconPeople do business with, and buy from those that they know, like and trust.

faviconPositivity + Passion = Enthusiasm.

faviconNever, ever take advice from someone who doesn’t have something you want.

faviconWhen you talk about yourself, that’s called “bragging.” When others talk about you, that’s called “a reputation.”

faviconEvery day you wake up, smile, and thank The Creator for another day to win.

faviconSmiling is an inexpensive way to improve your looks!

faviconIn peer pressure, strive to be the one applying the pressure, not the one being pressured.

faviconSmile first, ask questions later.

faviconThat which is measured improves; that which is measured and reported improves exponentially.

faviconWhen you first meet someone, now is the time to have them think exactly what you want them to about you!

faviconEye contact + a warm smile = happy to meet someone.

faviconReal friends don’t let friends give dead fish handshakes.

faviconJust assume you have bad breath and that everyone knows except you. Now fix it!

faviconWhen complimenting, be as a specific as possible.

faviconGiving a heartfelt compliment is one of the best ways to be remembered.

faviconKnow thyself, then show thyself!

faviconNever forget that the sweetest sound in the world is the sound of one’s own name. Therefore, remember as many names as you can.

faviconTry not to mess up a first meeting before it happens!

faviconMake sure your mouth and body are speaking the same language!

faviconBody language was the first language known to man; therefore tune your frequency properly to become multilingual.

faviconPresence is not about how big you are physically, it’s about how you carry yourself.

faviconYour e-personality should be an extension of the real you, not a different you.

faviconDo unto others as you would have them do unto you.

faviconEnact in your household a no-technology hour (or more) to engage one another, reflect and just be.

faviconChallenge yourself to be professional and compassionate no matter the circumstances.

faviconKnowing and being realistic on what you’re not good at is just as important as knowing what you are.

faviconJust because a person told 99 lies, doesn’t mean the 100th one won’t be true to you.

faviconThe best way to show your gratitude to The Creator is to use the gifts you were given.

faviconIf you’re always the smartest person in the room, either go different places or make sure different people are in the room.

faviconThe only knowledge that is power is applied knowledge. All else is just a trophy.

faviconPerfect practice makes perfect.

faviconWhen you talk about yourself, it’s called “bragging,” but when others talk about you, it’s called proof.

faviconRemember that granite gets broken when you’re sculpting a masterpiece!

faviconTreat every invitation as an honor!

faviconAvoid responding to invitations with a “maybe,” it makes it look like you have a problem with commitment.

faviconWhen meeting anyone new, always focus the conversation more on similarities than differences.

faviconWhen choosing a gift, it really is the thought that counts, so put some thought in it!

faviconFeedback is the gift of the generous and truly self-aware among us.

faviconMake sure you compliment as easily as you criticize.

faviconIf you hate your job, quit, and go find something to become an expert in.

faviconDon’t let fear or the expectations of others define you.

faviconDo not interrogate when asking questions, because when people sense they are being set up, they do not respond well.

faviconThe way you do one thing is the way you do all things. So do them all excellently.

faviconWhen you bring out another person’s glimmer, you bring out your own.

faviconThere’s a big difference in listening, and waiting for your turn to speak.

faviconTake what you want; if it is too much, you will be corrected.

faviconFortune favors the bold, so feel fortunate, never forget favors and be bold.

faviconThink before you speak: Is it true, kind and necessary?

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