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Life Lessons in Leadership pt. 1

Life Lessons in Leadership pt. 1

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I am honored to start my first official blog, as part of the Millionaire Manners Academy.   The founder of the Millionaire Manners movement is a dear friend of mine.  Mr. Sadiq Abdul Ali is a 21st century renaissance man, a gifted visionary, and a marketing genius.  The gift of solicitation is a gift that runs in Sadiq’s blood, he gets it from his father, who was a entrepreneur and renaissance man in his own right.  So, it is amazing and refreshing that Sadiq decided that giving back to society in a way that inspires, empowers, and enlightens it’s constituents was going to be the next course of action in his life.


Today, I join Sadiq in earnest, in spreading the message of self-empowerment, and betterment to our society.  I will begin to share some nuggets that have accumulated within my mind over the course of the past thirty years, and my hope is that you can learn some lessons in leadership that will propel you to bring forth the best version of yourself.

Today’s thought is inspired by a common question usually phrased:

“What is the first step I need to take to become a leader?”


My response to this question is in order to lead one must be followed.  The only time a human being follows another human being is under four circumstances, 1) when one is in love, 2) when one is inspired 3) when one is afraid, 4) when one is required.


Thus, one must invoke one of these feelings within another person in order to get them to follow your message, plan, or vision.  Being able to invoke love, inspiration, or fear, within a human being is a very deep concept.  However, being “required” to follow is a very familiar concept, and it is the concept that our education system, industrial workforce, as well as corporate environments are built on.  Thus most people whom we would not identify as “leaders” wind up in leadership positions through the module of “assigned leadership”.  So, if you are not afforded an opportunity to be an “assigned leader” in any wake of life, how does one acquire the traits to invoke love, inspiration, or fear in another human in order to lead?

That, my friend, will be part of our next discussion…


Jamil White is a financial professional with expertise in corporate accounting, auditing, and budgeting.  He also enjoys his role as an empowerment speaker, serving the young adults and professionals of America.


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