Etiquette for Impact.

Youth Trainings


All trainings below can be customized for your group. Also feel free to let us design a program specific to your needs on topics not listed below.


1. Loving You Before Loving Anyone Else
This workshop focuses on examining, exploring and cultivating self-love: one of the foundations of confidence building, and Millionaire Manners. Participants will leave this session armed with tools to reflect, construct and rebuild.

2. What how You Treat Others says about You
Many successful figures define character as what you do when no one is looking; at Millionaire Manners we take it one step further and ask this: how do you treat people who can do nothing for you? We explore this and other issues.

3. Why You should Smile like You Mean it
One of the most important aspects of forming Millionaire Manners. It is a subject that needs no introduction! Just smile!

4. T.H.E.T.O.P.H.A.T. System
Sadiq has created a system based on our iconic Millionaire Manners logo. We will help you learn, remember then practice some of the most important aspects of Millionaire Manner.

5. Creating a Winning Attitude
In this session we dig into the components of creating a long lasting and winning attitude. Because attitude is one of the only things you can control, we emphasize how to keep it positive at all times and that will impact you and your goals.

6. Mastering True Self Confidence
Having confidence is one of the bedrocks of Millionaire Manners. Without it, much of the information will work only partly or not at all. We give you the secrets to building your confidence and self-image.




1. Time Management for Young Professionals
This workshop is all about helping young professionals form one of the most important foundations of their image: being in control of their time. Learn about the most common reasons why people are late, how to combat them, and ultimately how to be in control of your time, while making a great first impression.

2. The Art of Becoming Indispensable or Protecting Yourself against the Ultimate Surpr-IZE. (Downsize, Resize, Demise)
Use manners to ensure you are never on the outside looking in, unless you want to be.

3. What your Social Media Profile says about You
In this super practical and interactive session, we cover the top 10 social media faux pas most young people (and some older folks) are committing everyday. We also cover how to create a great image for individuals and businesses.




1. The Art of the Conversation

Learn the secrets of some of the world’s greatest conversationalists, with a Millionaire Manners edge to it of course. This is a skill that will always come in handy, no matter what you do.

2. Why Network?

This may seem like an obvious question and an even more obvious answer. That’s exactly why this is one of our most popular selections. This workshop focuses on what networking is and how to implement this skill in our daily lives.  Additionally, this interactive workshop gives advice on how to sustain your networks, and provides real live examples of successful and unsuccessful networking through skits. 

3. Millionaire Manners for the Professional Setting

Here we give young professionals the information they need to make a great impression in the workplace and to ensure their image stays pristine.

4. Why Friendlier/Happier Teams get More Done

Studies have shown this fact repeatedly: Happier, friendlier people get more done. In this session we show you how to be a great team member and cover the basics of great team leadership, while being polite.



Signature Seminars/Presentations:

1. Intrapreneur vs Entrepreneur: Which are you made for?

This session focuses on the definitions of these oft-heard phrases, what they mean to different people and how you can incorporate characteristics of both in your business. We will walk participants through three surefire ways to be prepared for entrepreneurship through a job and how to plan the perfect time to execute the plan!

2. Do I Have to Look Different in order to be Different?

In today’s society we all have the desire to be different. But is looking different enough? We explore this topic.

3. Leadership Without a Title

Being a leader is more than a title, yet that’s what many people work for. In this session we delve into influence versus authority and how anyone can lead without a title.

4. Social Media Pitfalls

Daily we hear or see some celebrity getting fined, fired or worse for something they said or did then told the world via social media. Here, we give useful tips and advice to avoid the most destructive pitfalls of living in a super-connected world.

5. Live Your Dream: Become a Star – Planning, Achieving, and Maintaining Success

You don’t want to gamble on life, so have a plan, and this workshop helps one develop their own roadmap for success based on the planning that I have used to achieve and maintain success. This workshop concludes with a fun an interactive game involving a “little dice shakin” to illustrate what happens when we “gamble” on our life.

6. Powerful Speaking with Millionaire Manners Academy

Nowadays what separates the good from the great is the ability to display one’s vision, the best way to do this is through effective speech each and every time you have the opportunity to shine. This workshop focuses on the art of persuasive speech, and how one can master this art.  This workshop concludes with an public speaking game where you become the Judge. Are you ready to speak powerfully?

7. Real Talk 101

This is a fun and interactive workshop that uses a “Jeopardy”-type game format to allow students a chance to discuss and receive advice relative to the 1) professional 2) educational and 3) social issues and challenges they will encounter as students and young professionals, of course in a Millionaire Manners context. The candid discussion amongst students and the moderator will create a synergy of thought that will allow students to not only learn from the moderator, but learn from one another. Students leave this workshop with a clearer view of some of the main professional, social, and educational challenges they will face in college and beyond and how to tackle those issues. Are you ready to get a dose of reality?

8. 3 Life Lessons in Leadership

This workshop focuses on the different leadership styles of Corporate America. However, instead of just focusing on what YOU need to do to adapt to your boss, this workshop also focuses on what leadership style fits YOU the best, and will cultivate workplace happiness, social esteem construction and bring results based success. Treating people well is the Millionaire Manners way and the information here will allow you to do just that. This workshop concludes with the “Choose the Best Leader” game. You will come away with three life lessons in dealing with corporate leadership and how to maintain your authentic self.

9. 4 Words 4 Minds

This is a motivational and interactive session that explores our individual and collective professional and social trajectory.  During this discussion we will look at four words: motivation, intelligence, uncommitted, and hate.  Through these four words we will obtain a reflection of what we are striving towards.  Ultimately, the mind must work with our actions to produce results.  This discussion will leave one empowered and enlightened, it is “four” powerful words “for” the formation of powerful minds.


Professional Trainings:

1. Customer Service Fundamentals
For organizations who are looking to train on or improve their customer service standard.

2. Advanced Customer Service Skills
Leading a customer service culture begins at the top. How important is customer service to you?

3. Civility Training for Professionals
From cubicle farms to Police departments, treating customers and colleagues well leads to higher performance. In this training we explore diversity, civility, conflict resolution and communication to get your team better results.

4. Job interviewing Preparation
One on one training or organizational readiness programs.

5. College Interviewing Preparation
Is your son or daughter prepping for college entrance interviews? Let us help them prepare.

6. Introduction to American Manners (for foreign language speakers & students)
Being in a new country is tough enough; let Millionaire Manners help professionals and students who are new to America form a foundation for American Manners, and in turn, Millionaire Manners.



For more info on our trainings, check out and download the Millionaire Manners Brochure.