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Meet Our Team

Sadiq Ali, MBA | Author, Speaker, Professor, Attitude Etiquette Expert & Founder, Millionaire Manners Academy

Sadiq Ali is the founder of Millionaire Manners Academy, a training organization that focuses on leadership, life skills and career readiness through a framework of excellent interpersonal relationships. Millionaire Manners Academy delivers messages through keynote speeches, interactive workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. Sadiq has been recognized as a human potential and development expert, etiquette guru and customer service master who has worked up and down the east coast and formerly in corporate America. With a heavy emphasis on self-esteem development, relationship building and youth empowerment, Sadiq has managed to motivate and redirect some of the most troubled youth and formerly incarcerated citizens. From public schools to youth detention centers and non-profits alike, Sadiq has received national recognition for his flagship program, The Young Gentlemen’s Institute Conference, and the latest full Millionaire Manners Leadership Development Program. As a published author, college professor and engaging facilitator, Sadiq is determined to leave a lasting legacy and for us all to be better today than we were yesterday. The question is, do you want to be great?

The national recognition for The Young Gentlemen’s Institute, awards and the like, though, pale in comparison to his favorite jobs which are husband, father and son. He enjoys spending time with his wife and four children, still attempting to play basketball and riding his motorcycle. Through everything, Sadiq is determined to leave a lasting legacy and for us all to be better today than we were yesterday.


Jamil White headshot

 Jamil White | Empowerment Speaker, Trainer, Presenter & Leadership Coach

Jamil Alonzo White was born in Lansing, Michigan and raised in Silver Spring, MD. He graduated from Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. While he attended Morgan State University, he was actively involved in several honors and not-for-profit organizations, and he was the business school valedictorian.

Jamil started his career as an auditor in the financial services assurance practice with the Big Four Public Accounting Firm, Ernst & Young. White has also served as Senior Accountant of Production Finance at Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) Washington, DC, Corporate Headquarters. Additionally, Jamil previously served as Supervisor of General Accounting at Washington Gas, where he had the opportunity to manage the monthly close cycle, hire and train staff and senior level accountants for a publicly traded company headquartered in our Nation’s Capital. Currently, Jamil serves as Accounting Manager in the Asset Management Group (AMG) of Competitive Power Ventures (CPV). CPV AMG has risen to be the premier electric generation asset management company in North America.

Since October of 2005, Jamil has also served as a public speaker with a focus on “empowerment speaking” to college students. Since 2005 Jamil has spoken at over 60 venues, and has branded himself as a powerful speaker known for his motivating and engaging speaking style, and for injecting catch phrases and unique acronyms into his presentations. He also enjoys giving professional and soft skills development workshops, which is a hallmark of Millionaire Manners Academy, and has served as a keynote or guest speaker at multiple schools and events.  He is excited about his new partnership with Millionaire Manners Academy.

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 Sammy Ndiyo | Entrepreneur, Financial Expert, Etiquette Guru

Sammy Ndiyo was born in Rockville, MD and was raised alongside a younger brother and an older sister. He graduated from Morgan State University in December 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. During his tenure at Morgan State, he was involved with a number of organizations, namely serving as President of the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) Morgan State Student Chapter. During his term as president, the NABA student chapter was awarded “Most Improved” Organization for the 2012-2013 academic school year.

Sammy has now started his career as an accountant at Medstar Health and is currently studying for his CPA license. Having successfully passed two parts so far, he is confident that he will pass the other two parts during 2015.

Sammy has a strong passion for motivating others to be great in any aspect of life. Through the platform of Millionaire Manners Academy, he plans to use his personal and professional experiences to help others reach their highest potential through public speaking and leading by example.  Sammy is still also heavily involved in non-profit organizations such as Operation HOPE as a regular financial literacy volunteer and The National Association of Black Accountants, Baltimore Professional Chapter as the Community Service Chairperson.

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 Travis Ellis | The Motivational Mogul, Youth Advocate, Community Engager

Mr. Travis Ellis has devoted his life to youth advocacy, specifically juvenile rehabilitation, entrepreneurship and serving God’s will.  Travis Ellis Enterprises in conjunction with Millionaire Manners Academy is an educational organization that provides hands-on learning, job training, along with community service and community development programs for students from diverse backgrounds, with an emphasis on serving disadvantaged youth living in at-risk environments. Mr. Ellis strengthens communities and inspires young people to achieve their potential through visual and tactile approaches, using urban Character & Career Development resources.

After overcoming his own significant challenges, Mr. Ellis knew he had a unique story and a responsibility to give back and uplift the youth within his community. Ellis received his ministerial license in 2008 under Bishop Stewart, and since then has served as a Minister who specializes in urban outreach, as  “Motivational Mogul” Youth Enthusiast, Engaging Speaker,  Hip Hop Educator and Program Developer, while teaching Sunday School classes and leading the Youth and Young Adult Workshops and Conferences.

In addition, Mr. Ellis is Program Director of a sub-division under Living Classrooms Foundation {Non-Profit 501(c) 3}, called Fresh Start, which targets youth ages 14-19 who have been involved in the juvenile justice system, providing them with individualized mentorship, vocational, life-skills, leadership and self-esteem development training.

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 Shana L. Ali, MS |  Director, Services | Millionaire Manners Academy | Young Women’s Empowerment Trainer


Shana was born in Trenton, NJ but spent her formative years in Baltimore, MD. Shana, over the years, has developed the ability to connect with people from all different walks of life, especially young women who have struggled to find their voice. An accomplished HR and Business Development professional, Shana enjoys the opportunity to build up women of all ages while modeling what it means to be a part of healthy relationships. Shana has led numerous ladies-only empowerment groups to wonderful results and she looks forward to working with you and your young ladies.



Warees Majeed headshot

Warees Majeed |  Director, Operations | Millionaire Manners Academy | Youth Advocate, Trainer, Workforce Development Expert


Warees Majeed is a born and raised Washington DC resident that has a pulse for the community. A strong advocate for underprivileged and underserved residents, he developed numerous programs to address the issues surrounding economic growth, financial literacy and career preparation. His professional interests include program development and implementation, community advocacy and economic development. His current projects include but aren’t limited to working with Forest City Washington for the last six years as one of the lead supporters of The Yards Development Project, a 5.5 million square foot mixed-use development. Through this partnership, Warees prepared DC residents for employment opportunities through Forest City’s public/private partnerships. Warees is also the COO of Shotown, an artist management and development company that uses R & B and hip hop to attract youth and educate them about the management and production side of the music industry while breaking down the barriers that come with culture and age. He is excited to bring all his experiences to benefit those organizations Millionaire Manners works with and strives to serve.