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Parenting Partners/Family Engagement Trainings

Parent Engagement Programming Flyer



In this interactive series of workshops, our trainers will present our most popular family engagement trainings. Designed to level-set and give consistent messaging to parents and students simultaneously and separately, these workshops will encourage interaction, conversation and ultimately better engagement at school and at home. Our parent-only sessions are designed to equip parents to support their children in the best way possible.


(*Full family retreat available.)


Selected topics covered: Building Great Relationships at Home | Homework is Everyone’s Job! | Community Service Together | Creating Teamwork at Home | Positive Communication That Works


Parent only topics include: Quenching a Father’s Thirst | Positive Discipline | Cybersafety & Social Media 101 | Communicating with your Teen (or Pre-Teen) | Mastering Encouragement | Creating Structure for Achievement | Communication That Works | Preventing Teen Substance Abuse | My Child Has Been Adjudicated, Now What?

Program includes: 

    • Assembly format
    • Customizable, interactive sessions, 75 minutes per session, for up to 50 participants
    • Before, During school or Afterschool availability

Intended Outcomes:

    • Improved ability to communicate as a family unit
    • Increased self-esteem
    • Improved “sense of purpose” as a family
    • Increased optimism about future
    • Greater understanding of soft skills / personal and professional etiquette
    • Creating higher engagement in students, parents and as a unit

Additional Workshop Sessions:

    • Positive Parenting – Success Starts at Home 
    • Creating Confident Kids – The Foundation for Self-Advocacy 
    • What Children and Teens Need to Succeed 
    • Parents Engaging for Academic Success – How do I do it?



For more info on our trainings, check out and download the Millionaire Manners Brochure.